biotech for all

Launch Page

We’re planning a big re-launch

Nous prévoyons un grand re-lancement

Our next goal is to grow our community of bio-scientists / bio-artists / bioenthusiasts, to create a leadership team and to start an organization that does really interesting work and that responds to our community’s interests and needs (and hopefully finds a way to be sustainable too).

Our shared purpose is to transform life sciences and democratize biotechnology to inspire creativity and improve lives by organizing change makers and enthusiasts to...

  • build an inclusive global network,

  • cultivate an accessible commons of knowledge and resources,

  • launch community labs and projects

  • and enable educators.

We have a history of teaching workshops, hosting artists, starting companies and lots more.

Town Hall: For anyone who is interested.

Projects Meeting: For anyone who is interested in leading projects within our community.

Applications open August 5.

Organizers Meeting: For anyone who is interested in leading and coordinating the creation of our community.

Applications are due by September 6.