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> biotech for everyone

Biotechnology is any technology that is used on, or made with, anything that’s alive. It could be bacteria, plants, food, cells, and even people.

The tools needed for biotechnology are getting cheaper and easier to use. You don’t need to be a biologist to learn how to start to grow and change the life around you.


> learn with us

We are frequently organizing workshops and training sessions.

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> work with us

We want everyone to be able to have access to knowledge in biotech! At Bricobio, we will help you meet the right people or set up a new project. We offer inclusive and accessible lab space to everyone who wants to tinker with biology. Our current facilities offer tools for basic biotechnological experimentation (PCR, freezers, gel electrophoresis,), fermentation (incubators, vats, kitchen) and other research (microscopes etc.). Next to tools we offer counseling and expertise in biotech entrepreneurship.

We host different teams, of the following categories: research group, startup and creators.

Teams are encouraged to create a tangible outcome of their work every year. This could be anything from an art piece, a new company, a product, or even just some writing about the new ways we can use this technology.