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We’re planning a big re-launch

Nous prévoyons un grand re-lancement

Our next goal is to grow our community of bio-scientists / bio-artists / bioenthusiasts, to create a leadership team and to start an organization that does really interesting work and that responds to our community’s interests and needs (and hopefully finds a way to be sustainable too).

Our shared purpose is to transform life sciences and democratize biotechnology to inspire creativity and improve lives by organizing change makers and enthusiasts to...

  • build an inclusive global network,

  • cultivate an accessible commons of knowledge and resources,

  • launch community labs and projects

  • and enable educators.

We have a history of teaching workshops, hosting artists, starting companies and lots more.

Lire notre article dans La Presse.

October 2019 UPdate

This month, we are attending the Community Biosummit in Boston and a few of us will also be attending as judges for the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition. Overall, we have been quite busy in the past few months even though we tried to organize some more meetings. Sorry about this! We will be back soon with news and plans for our next steps.

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