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the Food lab

Groupe de Recherche

Bacteria make our cheese, yeast makes our bread and beer. The biotechnology closest to the people: food!

We experiment with fermenting and gene editing techniques to customize your food making experience!




Using yeast as a chemical factory Hyasynth Biologics started as a group of friends experimenting at Bricobio.



Groupe de Recherche

Bioart is an exciting, new field that uses tools of biology to address many issues and questions of our time, from climate change to how much human we are in the microbiome era.

Tools can range from gene-editing, tissue culturing, sequencing to create living art using bacteria, cells, and other living organisms.



Groupe de Recherche

The international Genetically Engineered Machines competition is competition where teams try to use synthetic biology and genetic engineering to solve worlds big problems.

Bricobio is setting up a community lab team.


BIOmaterials & biodesign

Groupe de Recherche

Animal free leather grown from kombucha. Hard wood-like materials grown from mushrooms. Dyes grown from bacteria.

There are many materials we can grow and many more to be discovered!


Nous acceptons des nouveax équipes fréquentement!


Bricobio est dirigée par des scientifiques motivées et créatives, qui veulent ouvrir la biotechnologie aux peuple.



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